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History - Active Service

The seeds of Canada's role as a peacekeeper were planted on the battlefields of Europe and Asia through two long world wars. In 1956 conflict broke out in the Middle East. Canada's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Lester B. Pearson, proposed that a force of Peace Keepers be created made up of soldiers from non-combatant countries. This force would be sponsored by the United Nations and they would separate warring armies and supervise cease-fires.

Since then, Canada has been at the forefront of peacekeeping operations around the world. After Pearson's initial proposal in 1956, Canadian Forces have served in 42 peacekeeping missions - more than any other nation. Canadian peacekeepers have played a prominent role in the resolution of conflicts in Cyprus, the Middle East, Haiti, Bosnia, Cambodia, El Salvador and Angola to name a few. Currently, Canadians are serving in Afghanistan, both as peacekeepers and combatants.

Canada's involvement in so many trouble spots has not come without a price. More than 150 Canadians have been killed while on overseas operations since the end of the Korean War.

Today, Bruce County residents have served in the unified Canadian Forces, helping to keep the peace worldwide. Bruce County residents accessing this website are encouraged to tell their stories of today's peacekeeping service. Submissions will be gratefully accepted and added to this website.